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UPS Ground: Standard for US domestic delivery.

Priority Mail: Standard for shipping to Japan. Delivery will be 5~10days after shipment from Double Moon. We don''t use ocean shipment which has no tracking and no guarantee.

Express Mail: Shipment to Japan for  immediate need. Delivery woule be 3~5 days after shipment from Double Moon.

PickUp: If you want to pick up your order, please select it. Pick up location is either our office or warehouse.

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Select Visa/Mastercard and enter necessary field. Billing address is "Credit Card" billing address. If delivery address is different from billing address, please use Deliver to a different address (bottom of screen).


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You'll receive E-mail

After receiving your order, our system automatically sand e-mail to you. This is for order receiving notice ONLY. Your credit card is NOT charged at this stage.



If there should be out of stock or any troubles, we'll send e-mai to you. Your credit card is NOT charged at this stage.


Ready to ship then Charge

Your credit card will be processed 1~2 days before your order is ready to ship.


Shipping Advice

You'll receive another e-mail, shipping confirmmation. This is sent with assigned tracking#.